Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 and Gamer

Have you ever heard of Game Knitting? Well, have you ever heard of a drinking game? Okkay, combine the idea of a drinking game and knitting and you have game knitting. There's no drinking actually involved.

Basically, you set up a tv show or a radio show or a movie that has a lot of predictable behaviors. And you decide which of those behaviors are going to trigger a game knitting action. For this scarf, I picked out the Harry Potter movie series. My triggers were any time anyone said "Harry, Harry Potter, Mr. Potter" etc, every time the word "muggle" was said, and every time a wand was used to cast a spell. I cast on 40 stitches and worked in 2 by 2 ribbing at my normal pace. When one of these triggers happened on screen, I made a 7 stitch nupp into whatever the next knit stitch was. I ended up with a very knobby knotty cowl with quite a lot of character! Since I was watching Harry Potter, I was strongly reminded of the "wooly hats and scarves" that Hermione made during the fourth book.


  1. I've heard of game knitting before, but haven't done it. What a great idea to do while watching a movie. I love your cowl, it turned out great! Although, if it were me I'd have to watch a really LONG movie to finish a whole cowl!

  2. Yes definitely! I had to watch 4 Harry Potter films before I was happy with the length!

    It's perfect though for long trilogies like Lord of the Rings or StarWars. Also it's perfect for TV show marathons. Mystery series are the best because they always have the most obvious (and often the most hilarious) triggers.


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