Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130 and Floof

Red Heart Boutique has apparently pretty recently come out with a new "Yarn" and I'm using the term very loosely, called "Doodles." It is by far, the largest weight of yarn I've ever seen in my life. Larger than using icord as if it were yarn. Larger than t-shirts turned into yarn. This stuff is rope.

It's so large, that you get 2 scarves today. One is literally the yarn, wrapped around your neck. The hank comes tied just as you would expect handspun or laceweight to come with thin yarns holding the rest of the hank in such a way that it doesn't tangle. The thin yarn matches the color of the rope, and it wears as comfortably as if you'd actually done something with it.

Secondly, I case on 3 stitches (3!! Look how wide it is!! 3 only!!) with the backwards loop method and barely made it to three feet, but it's quite soft and feels a bit like a fur stole. This is definitely a situation where the yarn itself is the showcase.

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