Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125 and Rayon

I found this glorious piece of printed rayon fabric who knows how long ago, but as an extremely amateur seamstress I have no experience with it. As with any craft or skill you can't get better unless you practice.

So the great thing about rayon is that it's construction is just like jersey knit. You can cut it and it won't unravel. Even better, it doesn't roll up. But just cutting a piece of fabric doesn't seem like much of a project, so I decided to put a border on it. Rayon is a very slippery fabric and a stretchy one as well. Since I don't know any better, the best thing a novice like me could hope to do in just one evening was a faux border. And this works with any fabric that doesn't unravel too.

Set your machine to a short and slender zig zag stitch and top stitch about an inch from the edge all the way around. It's simple and it's completely brainless, but it gives an otherwise unfinished piece of fabric a completed look. For fabrics that aren't so stretchy, a straight stitch would be fine, but I needed a little bit of give to prevent the rayon from puckering up and that's why I think a zigzag works a bit better in this case.

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