Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131 and Treaty

What the? This scarf's title has nothing to do with it's construction... and I'm totally okkay with that. I'm nut much for color knitting. I don't have an eye for it and I have pretty poor control over the tension since I never practice, so mosaic knitting is perfect for me.

In mosaic knitting, only one strand of yarn is used at a time and it is used for two rows. Then a second yarn is picked up and worked for two rows. With carefully placed slipped stitches, the two yarns can appear to be sharing space in a single row, but it's all an illusion. It's also a very fast technique. If you can knit either garter stitch or stockinette than this will be a cinch if you follow the pattern carefully.

This is the Toba Cowl on ravelry. It's a free download and only one page. I recommend following the written instructions before the chart unless you're already a fluent mosaic knitter. After one repeat, you'll be able to see how the chart is set up and it really makes a lot more sense then.

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