Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 Winners! February and March

I hope to continue to have one giveaway a month to relieve my ever growing collection of scarves.
Our winners during my game of catchup:
I typed in each name by hand into 's list feature and above are the results.

February's winner gpmonkey, Congratulations! Head over to the side bar and click through all the posts for February for the scarf you would like to have as your own.

March's winner penguinlover, Congratulations! Make your way to yonder side bar and click through all the posts for March to find the scarf you'd like to keep.

Upon returning home from work, I'll be sending emails to each of you!
Thanks to those who gave it a whirl! Stop by next month for another chance to win... well shoot, stop in every day so you can see the many scarves you might be able to claim as your own!

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