Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118 and Latch Hook

Latch hooking is a totally different craft, and it's emulated here. It looks a little bit like insanity, butif you look carefully, you'll see a strip of crochet in the center. 2 rows of filet netting provided a soft gridded base for this scarf reminiscent of the canvas even weave which provide the base for latch hooked rugs. The canvas is far too stiff and uncomfortable to be wearable so the crochet substitution is very much a necessity.

With a thin simple base in hand, the rest is fringing. With traditional latch hooking, every single row of even weave is given a fringe. This makes a shag rug and since every yarn is placed by hand, interesting patterns can be made. If you feel up to such a task, make your filet grid the appropriate size for your gridded pattern and just latch hook every row onto it in the pattern you desire. I decided not to be so in depth this time around and used very very long lengths of fringe and filled only the edge of my filet crochet. It's a little bit crazy, but it's really quite comfortable and there's no doubt that it's flashy!

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