Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95 and the Tassel

I definitely need to download myself a pdf writer. This one was easy to make, but complicated to write out a pattern. When I manage to translate my notes and when I learn to contribute on ravelry, I'll make this one a download. :)

As far as specs, this is a crochet piece and there are large clusters that form dimensional bobbles all the way around. They remind me of the black leather punk neck pieces with spikes, but in blue and snowy fluff, the scary is completely taken away. The real focal point though is the giant tassel that acts as the button for this keyhole style scarf. The novelty yarn was looped many times around a set length but the ends were not cut. Leaving them looped prevented the novelty yarn from unraveling. The top of the tassel was crocheted and the loops were packed into the head.

I love the style and will definitely make another for myself.
Special thanks going out to Stacey from The Original Yarn Salad for being so awesome and gifting me with a huge amount of yarn for this project!

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