Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107 and the Fox

These two natural colors together remind me of the lush fur stoles that ladies used to wear back in the day though now they are politically incorrect. This one happily enough uses plant fibers and manmade fibers and is therefore animal friendly! Dare I say it, perhaps it is even more comfortable.

You'll also recognize fun fur as a part of this scarf. I was hoping to show yet another way that it can be used without being the exact same all fur scarf that beginners love and advanced yarnheads have being sadly unused. It's just enough fur to be flashy, but not so much as to be overwhelming.

The entire scarf was made with 2 strands held together. For the first row of double crochet, one strand of fur and one strand of a lovely cotton wool blend are used. For the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rows, it's 2 strands of the blend. For the final row it's once again one strand of each. Especially in crochet it's important to blend the fur with something else so the fluffiness doesn't get matted down.

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