Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97 and the Lace Base

There's a type of lace that you can buy at any fabric store which has large eyelets either at the top, the bottom or right smack dab in the center. As far as I can tell it's specifically made for threading a skinny ribbon through and using both the lace and the ribbon together as a trim. Well, there are plenty of other things you can thread through the holes or around the posts in this case.

I did some trial and error and decided that a size H crochet hook with some worsted weight yarn was perfect. I imagined the eyelets as stitches and crocheted around the post between them. In this case a single crochet around the post followed by a chain repeated gave a very gently ruffled result which I quite liked.

It seemed too simple and as the lace was a scrap, it was a bit short. In order to utilize the length, I thought a nice lariat with a cute flower as the ring would be perfect. A couple leaves here and there and I'm happy with the result!

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