Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning! ... More to come... ugh.

Really? Just a box full of yarn? No rhyme or reason at all.
More boxes? And plastic shopping bags? Really?
Are those hanging strands? That's just a sad sorry tangle waiting to happen!

I am not now nor have I ever been a particularly tidy person. Yet even I have to admit that a little bit of organization goes a long way towards inner peace. Thanks to the inspiration of one Argus Filch of Hogwarts fame, I picked myself up, dusted myself and my pantry units off, and started organizing.

Kevin and I have both long called this the "yarn tower" and rightly so. It is the tallest thing in our apartment. Literally 3 inches more height at it will be holding up the ceiling. It's a bit intimidating.

How did I do it? ZIPTOP BAGS! They are a miracle. Not only do they keep yucky things off the yarn, but they hold the yarn in tidy groups and you can press some of the air out to make the yarn more compact. Genius. Anyway it took a solid 12 hours of work to get it from that up there... to this down here!
Good lord I can even see the floor again! Hallelujah! Not all of it fit I must admit. I ended up hiding away some roving (I don't know how to spin yet) in the closet and since we have a flat screen now, I placed a couple boxes of "iffy" yarn back in that empty space where the not flat screen used to take up. Those iffy yarns may or may not be hitting the road. Only time and my very whims will tell.

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