Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 111 and Sitting Pretty

I shamefully admit that not every pair of jeans I own fits me. I decided to go ahead and donate this one to the scarf cause. A pair of pants as it turns out has a LOT of fabric real estate! I cut all the way across the center front of each leg and the center back of each leg which essentially cuts out the crotch of the pants, but as a full piece of fabric lays very nearly flat. It looks a little too clean and neat for my taste right now, but a couple of runs through the washing machine and it'll look much shaggier on the edges because denim tends to fray a bit.

I'm more of a clean cut girl myself, but if you like big gashes and slashes, get out that razor blade and hack your scarf just like you hacked your jeans in high school!

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