Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 99 and the Spike

Here's an easy one. Yes yes, all my scarves are easy. It's a fact! Easy is fast 90% of the time and I've only a single day in which to create. Granted, I do have a handful of longer term scarves I'm working on little by little every day... but I'm rambling now.

Spike stitch is a great way to overlap colors in crochet without having to strand or carry 2 yarns at once. By performing an elongated single crochet by dipping the first preparation yarn over 2 or more rows below the previous row, a large spike overlaps those rows adding color far below the current row.

1 ball each Loops and Threads Cotton in Black and Tan
Size K hook
Tapestry needle to sew in ends.

Chain 182.
Row 1: DC in 4th chain from hook and all following chains.
Row 2-4: Chain 3, turn, DC in second and every following stitch including the beginning chain which represents a stitch.
Row 5: Change to second color. SC 2, Spike stitch 2 rows below
Rows 6-8: Same as 2-4.
Cut yarn, and pull through final loop sewing in any loose ends.

I love this dark color combination because it's so elegant, but this is also a good method to make team colors scarves or use holiday colors for a speedy gift.

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