Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91 and the Unwearable Scarf ... April Fools!

Call it a joke. Call it an art piece. Call it what you will, but it still falls under my guidelines of scarfitude! (A) It goes round the neck. (B) It either keeps one warm or decorates...decorate is a loose term here. I do find the slight pooling of color rather interesting!

Why is it unwearable? Because it's probably the least comfortable material one would ever attempt to put against the skin. It's plastic. Grocery bags or other flexible plastic cut into thin strips make what is known in the fiber community as "Plarn." I've made plenty of it myself and also posted 2 quick tutorials back in the day on making the stuff.

Most folks who use plarn at all would use it for rugs, purses, market bags, and sculpture. Every now and then you might see a "wearable" art piece and quite often they are rather spectacular. I don't know if the designers do something special to make the material softer or if they line it or if the models simply suffer, but as for this scarf, well... yeah...

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