Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 94 and the Escape Route

By now you're probably wondering just how much more of this blue sky with clouds fleece does this woman have?? I swear to you it was just a remnant! The fact that remnants can last so darn long is a testament to the fact that you really can find good deals in the bargain basement!

If you've ever watched a cartoon or a farce of an escape movie, and I'm sure you have, then I expect you've seen the traditional escape line of a row of bedsheets tied at the corners and used as a rope out some window somewhere. Now if I really just tied a bunch of short ends together I would have ended up with some pretty large, hard, and uncomfortable knots. Instead I used a very simple loop technique which give the illusion of knots but leaves the "knot" supple and comfortable.

First, cut a small slit near the end of each of two pieces that will be connected and place one piece on your left and one on your right.
Second, thread the left fabric through the slit in the right fabric.
Third, feed the opposite end of the right fabric through the slit in the left fabric.
Repeat all three steps in a chain until you've worked as long a scarf as you'd like. This also works very well with jersey knit (t-shirt) and anything other fabric that doesn't unravel. You could also knit or crochet pieces with a large slit or hole near the ends and weave them in the same way.

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