Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110 and Practice

I know I've said it before and it still stands. I don't enjoy swatching. I might be a little impatient, but I always want to get started on my project NOW! So here's a way to make a swatch and also a project so I can compromise. I had 4 different yarns here and 2 of them would definitely be considered novelty yarns. Two were a kind of chenille and the other 2 had a strong halo. I had hoped to put a slight pattern in what I used them for and so with this little scarf I practiced.

It turn out that pattern in these strange yarns looked like mistakes, but showed up beautifully in the bulky halo yarns. I did find that one of the chenilles was rather sticky, which seemed to me a perfect attribute for a keyhole to hold the end of the scarf in place. The other chenille yarn was a little bit heavy so I finished the scarf with it so as to weight down the end and be a nice drape.

The textures are very interesting together and I have to admit that swatching is useful. Bah. haha!

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