Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 109 and Endless

So you want to make a striped cowl. What's that? All those ends to darn in have you dreading it? Well, I say "WHY BOTHER??" This was a short cowl done on straight needles. Any size needle and any size yarn would work as long as you like the way they look together and as long as you plan on cutting after every single row. I knitted or purled changing the stitch on a whim and cut after each row letting the ends hang unprotected. When I was done and had bound off, I folded the whole thing in half and each of the like ends were knotted together. It created an interesting corner and by cutting the fringe on an angle it accentuated this corner.

If you don't like purling, but still want the look, do this on a circular needle and push all the stitches around. If you're fearful of the stitches coming undone, do it in the round and tie off each end as you go. If you do it in the round you could also start your new row in a random spot so that you'd have fringey ends all around your cowl. This also makes a great inexpensive project because you can dive into your stash and each row takes very little yardage.

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