Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 98 and the Crunch

I'm running out of titles! haha! Anyway, it's fun to make combination scarves. Using more than one craft makes one feel very versatile.

This was an easy one. Again you'll need to know how to graft an icord to itself, but essentially that's it! Take a piece of fleece the size that you'd like and round the ends. Fold it in half lengthwise (or hot dog style if you remember elementary terms) and the in half in the other direction to find the center. Cut two holes big enough to slip the icord through. The holes should be equally spaced from the center as from the edges of the scarf and lined up with each other. Space out four more pairs of holes in both directions for a total of 9 pairs down the length of the scarf.

Thread the i cord through the holes and graft them to make closed rings. How wide the rings are depends on how much crunching together you'd like in the fabric. I did a few different lengths so that it's squished at different tensions throughout. I also like to balloon out the fabric to emphasize the effect.

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