Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 104 and the Ladder

This scarf is a different take on an earlier stitch pattern. Chaingang was crocheted longways, and Ladder is the result when the same stitch is done vertically. The fantastic surprise is how very differently the two scarves lay. While chaingang was bunchy but stayed flat, ladder folds and lets the chains flop about like loops. It's fascinating to me!

Choose your yarn and a hook one size larger than you'd ordinarily use.

Chain 10. SC into second chain from hook, Chain 7, SC into final chain.
Every Row: Chain 1, Turn. SC into first SC, Chain 7, SC into next SC.

Do this until you're happy with the length or you've run out of your chosen yarn. Darn in your ends and be fascinated by the interesting folding and bunching this scarf makes!

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