Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105 and Scribbles

The technique has been around forever, but I think it was the Mason Dixon Girls who created the term scribbles to describe it.

When you take very very thin yarn (I used crochet cotton) and use very very large needles (size 17!) you see every single stitch. You not only see the stitch, you see right through it and everything behind it as well!

If you also take a thicker yarn and use it for just one row, the wiggly pattern of a row of knit stitches becomes very highlighted. I love the result and I recommend you try it out too!

Here's my tip for one row of a color change: When you finish that row, don't cut off either of the yarns. Slide your knitting from one needle to the other so that your original yarn is now in the working position. Trying to darn in ends on such open work can be a nightmare and this will help you do less darning.

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